Posted 24th October 2013

Ben Allen is looking forward to the XTERRA World Championships in Maui

A victory would be the icing on the cake for this big year!

Ben Allen is known as the Xterra World Tour Warrior. He loves nature and gives everything for the off-road triathlon. Alone this year, the Australian already achieved seven World Tour victories. Gold in Maui would be the icing on the cake for this successful year.

Together with his partner in crime Jacqui Slack, Ben Allen went on the Xterra World Tour and participated at eleven Xterra races, which is a huge amount of tough competitions. Seven out of it, he stood on top of the podium. To him, the best victories are those he can share with his best friend and soul mate, Jacqui Slack. In England, both won the British National Championships. This was the third time for them to win the gold medal together at the same race. For the power couple it would be the greatest feat to get the Xterra World Champions title.

And try they will for sure as Ben Allen swears by his On Cloudracer:
"On provides me with the confidence to believe the unbelievable  and pushes my capabilities beyond anything I though was humanly possible. I’ve run fast, further & accomplished more since running in my On’s, than I thought I would ever be capable of… I just love to run on clouds."
On wishes the very best for Ben Allen and the Xterra World Championships in Maui.

            May the Cloudracer fly you to the finish line!
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