Posted 24th September 2013

Another Medal-Weekend for On-Athletes!

The Scottish Rocket Lesley Paterson won the X-Terra USA competition and Nicola Spirig ran the second place at Greifenseelauf.

Last Weekend two On-Athletes again made us proud. While the Swiss local matador Nicola Spirig gave her Comeback after her maternity leave at theSwiss Championships at Greifenseelauf in Uster winning the silver medal, Lesley Paterson raced it in the USA. 

There was a point early during Saturday’s race when Lesley Paterson actually thought she was having a “horrible” day, due to lingering effects of a cold she carried into the race. That she went on to win the women’s field by 43 seconds to win the XTERRA USA Championship for the second consecutive year shows just how dominant she has been in the past two years. After the race she posted:

"Totally stoked with today! Tough day, tough field, but fought with the Braveheart spirit and the support of all my amazing friends and family to get the win! Now for a wee bit of Haggis and a few drams of whiskey and the day will be complete..."

You really deserved the drinks! Congratulations!!!

Nicola Spirig as well did a great job last weekend. It was her first big race after her son Yannis was born and she won the silver medal.She made it in the fourth place overall and had a new personal record of 1:15,28 h. Nicola is satisfied:
"There is still a lot of work to do on my way to the European Athletics Championships 2014 in Zurich. I am on the right path though and satisfied with my previous efforts."

We are proud, Nicola!

Well, there's nothing else to say but: Great job, ladies! 

Check out Lesley Paterson's Homepage

See the SRF Video about Greifenseelauf on Nicola Spirig's Website

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