Posted 3rd March 2016

Oscar Winner Loves On Shoes

Emmanuel Lubezki is not only the winner of three Academy Awards in consecutive. He is also a huge fan of On.

He is indeniably the cinematographer of the hour. Last Sunday Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki won the cinematography Oscar for his work on "The Revenant" - his third in consecutive after 2014 for Gravity and 2015 for Birdman. No director of photography before him has won three consecutive Academy Awards. The 51-year-old, Mexico city born Lubezki notes: "I am the luckiest cinematographer in the world."

And we are the luckiest shoe company on the planet, as you can see on that latest cover of "Variety". Emmanuel Lubezki is a huge fan of the Swiss On shoes and wore our black/white Cloud shoes when presenting his third Oscar during the photo shoot. What a great combo!

Congratulations from the whole On crew.


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