Posted 19th June 2014

„I am looking forward to the competition and will for sure do my best!"

Nicola Spirig will start at the ETU Triathlon European Championships in Kitzbühel tomorrow.

Swiss Olympic Champion Nicola Spirig will start tomorrow at 3 pm in Kitzbühel, Austria at the ETU Triathlon European Championships. For her, this competition is important to see where she stands in the international athletes field. It is also an ideal preparation for the Athletics European Championships in August in Zurich. Nicola Spirig always faces competitions with respect:

"The competitors are strong and I am not optimally prepared in cycling and swimming. I can't just make up leeway on the bike as in earlier days. This means, it all depends on the circumstances and the race lapse. If I fall behind on the swim track, it will be hard. But I am really looking forward to the race and will surely give it all."

Nicola's strategy for Kitzbühel is very clear:

"To get to the finish line as fast as possible :-)
I'd like to not fall back on the swim track, be in the leading group at the end of the bike phase and run as fast as possible."

For Nicola Spirig it is very important to have reliable, high-quality gear. For the running part, Nicola Spirig puts her faith in the On Cloud.

"It is important to me to have products that support me in an optimal way on the race day and in training sessions. I have to feel confident and comfortable with them to be fast. The On Cloud is extremely light and flexible and comfy. Despite of the lightness of the shoe, it has a superior cushioning system."

Nicola, we cross our fingers for you! Rock And Run On Clouds;)

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