Posted 13th June 2014

„I could not prepare myself with an optimal training.“

Nicola Spirig about her training right before the ETU Triahlon European Championships in Kitzbühel.

In one week's time the Swiss Olympic Winner Nicola Spirig starts at the Triathlon European Championships in Kitzbühel, Austria. Her shin hurts with a certain strain which complicates her preparation time. Ignoring her body could risk a fatigue fracture.

„I participate mainly for pleasure. I did not have an optimal training despite lots of cycling kilometers and swimming. This was essential though to reach the necessary endurance for the marathon.“

The Olympic Winner still focuses on the running discipline even though she noticed her lack of bike training. The reason for that is her participation at the Athletics European Championships in Zurich in August. Nicola’s daily training varies from day to day nevertheless:

“There’s no typical training day for me. Each day looks completely different. Mostly, there are three training units a day. The first one even starts before having breakfast.”

Discipline, training, persistence, experience and of course endurance – all of this is part of Nicola Spirig. Anyhow, also she does not feel steady about the competition ever.

„At the moment I don’t really know where I stand and that’s why I don’t feel steady in any of the three disciplines. I have lots of respect from the whole triathlon, there’s a lot what could happen within these two hours. The swim for sure is important and crucial.More about Nicola Spirig
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