Posted 3rd July 2014

“I love the feeling of my feet moving under me. My head is clear, my lungs and legs are burning, and my heart is happy - that is what I love about running. “

Mary Beth Ellis reveals her strongest and hardest discipline in triathlon and her struggle to find motivation to keep on pushing it.

She is very strong, mentally as well as physically – Mary Beth Ellis, the top athlete who competed in the World Championships in Hawaii with a broken collarbone last year. Not once would it cross your mind that she struggles with being disciplined sometimes, too. Sometimes though, she has to convince herself to train for getting better in her hardest discipline. 

“Swimming is the hardest for me. I grew up swimming, but at times I find it difficult to motivate to get into the pool at the end of a hard day of training. However, every once in a blue moon, I have an amazing swim session that makes all the hard work worth it.”  

Her struggles of motivating herself totally disappear when it comes to her favorite discipline - running.

“The easiest for me is the run. I love the feeling of my feet moving under me, and my rhythmic breathing keeping time as my arms pump back and forth. The entire body is moving as one flying along the trail without a care in the world. I simply love to run, and I never need any extra motivation to put on my On shoes and head out the door. Although on race day the run can sometimes be difficult after a hard bike, but I still love the feeling and thanks to my Ons have been able to do my best on tired legs.” 

Although it is fun for her to go running, it takes a lot of time to stay in a good shape and to prepare for races and compete – shortly: being a professional top athlete is very time consuming.

“Triathlon is a hard job. I do make time for my family, but at times I feel like I am limited during the season in what I can and cannot do. I feel very lucky to have an understanding husband as well as supportive family and friends.”

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