Posted 2nd July 2014

“That’s the great thing about triathlon: there’s no typical training day!”

Frederik Van Lierde is keen to achieve a new personal best with a less than 8 hours race at Ironman Frankfurt.

The current Ironman World Champion has a specific goal for the race at July 6th: he wants to reach the finish line in under 8 hours. In Melbourne, he managed an impressive 8 hours and 1 minute race. Frederik feels fit and well prepared for the upcoming race. Luckily, he did not have any injuries that could have slowed down his training.  

“For an Ironman I like to have 6 weeks of specific preparation and 3 additional weeks of altitude training. I think that if your base training has been really good, you only need that amount of time to get really in shape. For altitude training I always go to Font Romeu in the French Pyrenees.”

Despite the hard and intensive preparation, there is plenty of alternation in training. For Frederik Van Lierde, no day is like the other. 

“That’s the great thing about triathlon, there is no typical training day! In general I train twice a day, sometimes more. There’s no fixed first work out, I mean I can start with a swim but the next day it can be a run or a bike ride that comes first. Swim sessions are between 3 and 6 km, bike rides from 60 to 260 km and runs between 8 and 35 km. All depending where, when and what you’re preparing for.”    

Looking towards the Ironman in Frankfurt, Frederik is most confident about the swim, since it is the first and the shortest of all three disciplines. Besides, the current Ironman World Champion is competing in swimming since he was 8 years old, so he has a good background. The run though, is the discipline he has the most respect for.   

“Simply, because it’s at the end of the triathlon race. Starting the marathon in an Ironman means that you still need to deal with 42 km of running after almost 4 km of swimming and 180 km on the bike.” 

Well, we hope that the On Cloudracer will fly him to the finish line.

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