Posted 1st July 2014

“I won’t be able to relax for a moment. I expect to have to race full-gas as I will need to in the World Championships.”

Mary Beth Ellis is prepared for the Ironman in Frankfurt on July, 6th.

The sevenfold Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis had bad luck last year at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. She participated with a broken collarbone and in the end, she was obliged to give up during the race as one of the top favorites for the title. Giving up does not sound like Mary Beth though, so it's no surprise she is already back on track – heading upfor Gold in Kona. Next Sunday, she will race the Ironman Frankfurt, which is known as a qualification race for Hawaii.

“I am using Ironman Frankfurt as a final test prior to the World Championships in Kona. This year, I have chosen to compete in the more competitive Championship races in order to test myself with the best athletes prior to the World Championships. While winning is my aim, I know that the field will be very tough. In addition, my primary goal is performing at my best in October.”

Well, that’s Mary Beth Ellis how we know her: always setting big goals and fighting no matter how hard it is. Her strategy is to race from the gun:

“I expect the swim to be very competitive. Out onto the bike, I won’t be able to relax for a moment. I expect to have to race full-gas as I will need to in the World Championships. Whatever I have left after the bike, I will use to run my best marathon. The run is where races are won and lost, and thankfully running in On makes it easier for me to get to the finish as fast as possible.”  

Mary Beth Ellis believes she is in the best shape of her life. So all looks good for a second double win together with Frederik Van Lierde who also competes in Frankfurt. Mary Beth and Frederik stood both on top of the podium already last year in Nice. 

“I would love to share the podium with Frederik. He is an amazing champion, and his race in France last year was awe-inspiring. I hope we can both perform at our best, and a double podium thanks to On is definitely a possibility.”  

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