Posted 8th July 2014

5 On athletes within top 10 at Ironman Frankfurt

Frederik Van Lierde, current Ironman World Championship, finished second after 8:00:25 hour time.

Last weekend there were plenty of On athletes waiting for the starting signal at Ironman Frankfurt. 5 of them even finished within the top 10.

Two of the top favorites for this race, Mary Beth Ellis and the current Ironman World Champion, Frederik Van Lierde, were hoping for a double victory like last year in France. Both started with big enthusiasm and keen to give all they got.

Frederik Van Lierde pursued a big goal - to finish the race under 8 hours. He did a great job and managed to fulfill his strategy during the whole race. Only, there was Sebastian Kienle from Germany who showed an outstanding performance on the bike and did not let up on this race a single moment. Maybe it was because race day was on his 30th birthday what quickened his race. He reached the finish line first with a new course record. So, Frederik Van Lierde came in as second with a remarkable time of 8:00:25. Just 26 seconds too much for his personal goal. A very satisfying result!

Mary Beth Ellis, top athlete from the US, did not had as much luck. After a very good swim and bike split, she could not perform the way she wanted on the run course. Full body cramps slowed her down. Even the spectators could see it in her face, how hard it was for her to even keep on running. Mary Beth Ellis though fighted as hard as possible and even finished the race on the 8th place. This is Mary Beth Ellis, as we know and love her!

In the men's field there were also Alessandro Degasperi on 5th place, David Plese (6th) and Marc Dülsen (7th) finishing under the top 10 in their On shoes.

So proud of our athletes! You rock, guys!!!

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