Run on clouds.

Cushioned landing,
firm takeoff.

Cloud runner highlight

Land soft...

When you hit the ground, the highly adaptive rubber elements cushion both vertical and horizontal forces for a soft landing. Enjoy a very light running sensation.

...but push off hard

Once on the ground, the Clouds lock firm to provide a solid foundation for a natural and powerful takeoff. Simply put: On is the first running shoe that provides cushioning only when you need it.

So you can have the best of both worlds: cushioned landing, barefoot takeoff. Enjoy the benefits of natural running without compromise in comfort and speed.

Cloud runner highlight

Activate your power from start to finish.

The Clouds act like tiny stability balls, responding to every movement of your foot. They activate your postural muscles and enable you to stabilize your foot strike without artificial support, you are back in control.

Nature improved.

Move freely as if barefoot, but protected from the shock of landing on the road. This means less impact, shorter ground contact time and good running form for a swift takeoff. Run more naturally with comfort, speed and no adaption time.


A conventional running shoe, not model or brand specific

A conventional running shoe sends a high, visible impact from the forefoot through the ankle into the calf.

Equipped with CloudTec® cushioning, the On shows no visible impact on the body.

The On shows reduced ground contact time as indicated by the circles.

A conventional running shoe, not model or brand specific

The forefoot of the conventional running shoe gets slammed on the ground first while the On hits later, providing a smooth landing and leveling the impact over time — last on the ground.

The On transfers energy from heel to toe and allows for an explosive push-off — first off the ground.

Landing mode

Takeoff mode

A conventional running shoe, not model or brand specific

With the forefoot fully landed, the body posture in the conventional running shoe is still in landing mode and requires additional energy to move the center of gravity forward to get ready for takeoff.

Fully landed, the On has already propelled the body forward, ready for a swift takeoff, good running form in action.