Veröffentlicht 11th March 2015

Team run2gether

Train2gether, live2gether, run2gether – the Austrian-Kenyan running team run2gether lives commonality on every level.

In Kenya, running is more than a popular sport. It’s a necessity. Many Kenyan athletes want to make a living out of running for them and their families. But conditions are more than bad: barefoot runs, underfeeding and a life in the slums – no suitable circumstances for athletes.

Thomas Krejci, initiator and passionate runner, visited Kenya for the first time back in 2008 and saw the need to act. So he founded run2gether to support the athletes. Today, the run2gether team is a story of success in endurance sports and cultural exchange.

The team consists of 40 Kenyans athletes and some hundred amateur runners who train together in exchange between Austria and Kenya. The sports centre “Mount Longonot Sport & Recreation Camp“ is the central point of the association. The camp is located on 2400 metres above sea level and contributes to the further development of the whole area. The project strengthened the cooperation with public schools. By now, education is accessible for every child, no matter how rich or poor the family is. Athletes sleep in the camp for free, have access to healthy nutrition and can train under professional coaching. To complete the offer, On became part of the project and sponsors running shoes to the athletes. “To have On as a partner is priceless to our team. For our athletes, running means the only chance to make a living. Therefore, it’s very important to support them with high quality equipment”, states Thomas Krejci. On not only provides top athletes with shoes but also the young talents. “To be supported in such a generous way is simply wonderful!”, speaks Krejci.

The partnership with On is also appreciated by the athletes: “I run daily in On shoes for three years now and my recreation time after hard trainings shortened massively. I run all my races in my Cloudracers, no matter if hill runs, street races or marathon”, tells Geoffrey who runs for run2gether for many years. Meanwhile, Geoffrey started his own family and is now able to focus completely on his running. “I am very grateful for the support of On. This is necessary to realize my life as a runner and to support a family”.

On is proud to be part of the run2gether team. May they run on clouds!

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