Veröffentlicht 11th March 2015

Alexander Bryukhankov

You will hardly notice Alexander because of his talking. But as soon as he runs, he catches everyone’s attention.

The Russian athlete has an astonishing attitude to his sports. He is always 110% dedicated to what he does. This also shows in his behaviour. Alex, also called “the Iceman”, does not much of talking. He rather runs. And he does it in a very fast and strong way.

Alexander Brukhankov began competing in sports in an early age, trying everything from swimming and running to shooting and military competitions. As soon as he competed in his first triathlon in 2002, he caught everyone’s eye. His strong will to be the best in everything he does made him to one of the most successful and internationally best-known triathletes in the Russian elite team. Event though Alexander didn’t like triathlon at first, it was easy for his coach to convince him to give it another try. “I was doing other sports before triathlon. One day, my coach showed me a video of a triathlon and persuaded me to try it. And it nearly killed me. When I finished my first triathlon, I was completely washed out. I was sure that this was my first and last triathlon in my whole life. But my coach motivated me to give it one more try and the only reason why I did it was the thought that I have the chance to become one of the best triathletes in the world”.

Today, Alex dedicated his life to that goal: “I want to be one of the top athletes in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. I do everything for that”. His enormous will lead him to On. “When I tried an On shoe for the first time, I felt that this is the shoe I was looking for during several years. On shoes will help me to end up on the podium”.

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